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PRO Landscape logoThanks to our partnership with Drafix, the maker of PRO Landscape, Applied Technologies is able to bring this powerful, industry standard landscape design software to your school at incredible academic pricing.  Give students the opportunity to learn the software used by professionals!

PRO Landscape is very easy to learn and even easier to use. Create stunning visual landscape designs including night and holiday lighting, 2D site plans and accurate estimates through three integrated modules. PRO Landscape makes it fast and easy to sell, plan, and bid your landscape designs. Now you can instantly transform your photo imaging or CAD plans into a stunning 3D presentation!

For more information on this fantastic program, view the current brochure (3.7 Mb PDF file).

You can get this great software for an incredible academic-only pricing

  • #PLSS21 - $600 per seat

  • #PLSSS21 - $3,000 high school site license

  • #PLSPS21 - $6,000 college site license

  • Upgrade pricing available upon request

Applied Technologies has also created an introductory course on landscape design that makes use of PRO Landscape's powerful and easy-to-use tools!  This is a separate item that does not come with the purchase of PRO Landscape by default.

This Applied Technologies' courseware is delivered through the browser-based LearnMate learning management system (LMS) developed by Intelitek.  It is also marketed and sold nationwide through Intelitek and their representatives.


Curriculum delivery features include:

  • consistent content across single or multiple classes

  • media-rich, interactive content

  • activity and project-based learning

  • multiple instructional strategies

  • glossaries

  • automatic text-to-speech (TTS) for all courses and assessments

  • read more about curriculum delivery from the Intelitek website

Computer-based assessment features include:

  • password protection

  • shuffling of questions and answers

  • multiple question types including:

    • essay

    • hotspot

    • matching and ordering

    • multiple choice

    • true/false

  • read more about computer based assessments from the Intelitek website

Administrative and class management features allow teachers to:

  • automate classroom management

  • quickly and easily set up classes

  • produce enriched multi-level reports

  • track student and class progress

  • create student certifications

  • generate comprehensive, real-time reporting

  • focus on students instead of administrative tasks

  • read more about administration and class management from the Intelitek website